Friday, January 13, 2012

Whats not to love about France!?!

I know I sound like Stuart Smally from Saturday Night Live, but this is my daily affirmation haha. These are more pictures of the wine regions and the Cognac region....I just love love love France.
Everything about France gives inspiration.
There is so much life and color. The charm of the countryside is so inviting. The city of Paris is so alive with sights and sounds...the smell of bread baking.
I have been to many countries in Europe. I will give a little advice. Don't pay one of those american tour company's to show you the sights and shuttle you around on their schedule. Be brave, learn some of the language and rent a car. Oh and buy a GPS and make sure you get the country's road maps you need downloaded for it! So you get lost? You will find your way. Some tour company''s might be really good...that are in Paris for showing you the typical sights, but I think exploring is the best way. Just learn the language enough to be able to follow signs and be respectful enough to talk in their language.

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