Saturday, January 7, 2012

Redecorating My Studio/Craft Room/Catch All Room!

I decided after looking at my craft room that I needed a change. I do all of my jewelry making in here along with everything else creative. I need a change though. I need something that is full of life and since this room is bright ..I want it to be a soft and comfortable area. These pictures are my inspirations.
The first picture caught my eye with the way she used all the accent colors. The room keeps your eyes moving as there is so much to see. The second picture is softer and more neutral. I would like a mix of both.
This last picture is from a blog I found and I love the way it is organized and the layout. Her blog is here Well I am off to start priming the walls..wish me luck!!! I will post before and after pictures when this is all done.


  1. Oh how exciting!!!! This will be really fun for you--and a great way to begin 2012!!! xo Cindy

  2. Hope you share photos of your makeover- I need to organize my craft stuff too!