Tuesday, January 3, 2012

French Crystal Sconces....Ooh LaLa!!

I was blessed to receive these sconces for Christmas. I absolutely adore them. The crystals are HUGE. I haven't figured out exactly where to place them. I already have a chandelier over my fireplace so I think that might be over kill.
I have learned so much from looking at some of the most talented peoples blogs in blogland. I have learned to decorate the way I really wanted to, but honestly was overwhelmed by the thought of changing and going French. I love things French and France so it was a great decision to redecorate my home. I feel like I am back in France again when I come home and that makes me smile. So Thank you to all of you that have inspired and taught me how to decorate and not be afraid.
Best Wishes in the New Year!! Chermarie


  1. Those sconces are gorgeous! lucky girl! If your home makes you smile, then it is perfect.

  2. Wow, these are gorgeous! Are they vintage? Sure would look cute hanging on each side of a bed. Oh, they're so pretty they'd look cute hanging anywhere. Actually, I think they would the best hanging in my home. lol! Just kidding, I wouldn't want to steal your darling Christmas gift!